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Thursday, April 29, 2010

UV Curing Machine + Gel Kit for Nails + Random stuff and trance fkn energy 09 baby!!

In yesterday's post, I mentioned that I have finally got my UV Curing Machine + Gel Kit for Nails. I swear, it is so awesome, especially the UV top coat which I tried yesterday. It is so much better than applying a topcoat of nail polish, believe me, plus it looks so much more shinier. To be honest, my nails were already nicely done before, but then I noticed a few chips in my nails and thought 'What the hell, I've only had these for 2-3 days and it's already chipped.' I applied heaps of top coat. The Quick dry one by Sally Hansen. I think I applied about 10 top coats. They dried pretty quickly so it's quite possible. Plus I'm almost out of the nail polish. =/

Anyway, so I just removed all my nail polish and the rhinestones and decided to start fresh. Originally, I just wanted to do a simple french with my real nails, however, I decided to add some flowers with gold rhinestones. On top, I applied the UV Top Coat and put in the curing machine for 2 minutes. Then I wiped off excess gel with the liquid provided in the gel kit, And voila. Hard ass nails that won't chip or break. =)

But first, my nails before...

Inspired by Trance Energy 2009.

Purple, white and pink. =) Best event ever! Fkn awesome line up ever (in melbourne anyway)! Had the best time there, and I wish they will have another one this year!

Me and the girls

Photo taken by me from my cam =)

And now for my nail kit

UV Curing Lamp + Gel kit

The kit contains:

- 3 x gels in pink, white and clear
- 2 x nail files
- 1 x brushes for nails
- 1 x bottle of excess gel remover
- 1 x bottle of nail glue
- 1 x Nail tips clipper
- 1 x package of false tips
- 1 x UV top coat

And now for photos of my nails

And that's what my nails look like at the moment. French nails + flowers with UV Gel Top coat.

It's my first time experimenting with gel nails, but I really like the way it turned out the first time. Maybe next time I shall experiment with nail tips and such.

Anyway time for some random photos from last week

I also got my hair done last week

And that's all for now. Have a great weekend everyone! =)


  1. Pretty nails! I like the ones with the flowers. How do you do these yourself especially for the right hand? I find it so difficult!

  2. Aww thanks. Yeah it is quite difficult to paint your right hand nails, but practice makes perfect. But my left still looks a lot better than right. I guess it's better to take your time with your right hand so you get it more neater/better looking. I'll post a tute up on my next post on how I did these nails. =)