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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

NYX Round lipsticks + Modelco Face Base Primer + MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation

Hey all,

As promised, here is a post on NYX Round lipsticks. Well what can I say...? I bought 12 NYX lipsticks and it didn't burn a hole in my wallet. 1 MAC lipstick is $35AUD, and I bought these babies for $28USD. So it's pretty much 12 lippies for the equivalent of 1 lipstick from MAC. I'm sooo happy and glad I bought these. They have a pleasant smell to it too.

I love how NYX Round lip sticks glide smoothly on your lips. I find that in comparison to MAC lipsticks, MAC tend to be a bit more drying than NYX, but their staying power is much better in comparison to NYX Round lipsticks. I'm not complaining though, because I absolutely love the colour ranges in NYX lipsticks and best of all, I love the price and the cute packaging. Classic black look with the clear bottom so you can see the actual lip colour.

So if you are after a cheap, high quality, hot nude lip color, then be sure to pick it up. The texture is very smooth, very silky and creamy and glides on like a dream. :)

My favourite lipstick colours are : Orange soda, Paris, Indian pink and Circe. :) It suits my skin tone perfectly and doesn't make me look over the top.

Lipsticks in order from left to right: Orange soda, Circe, Paris, Thalia, Ceto, Herdes, Indian pink, Ulysses, Uranus, Cinnamon sugar, Frappucino, Rea.

Lipstick swatch with flash

Without flash

Me wearing NYX lipstick in 'Paris'

Me wearing NYX lipstick in 'Orange Soda'. It sort of reminds me of my MAC lippie in Peach stock but this has more gloss/shine in it.


My new HG (Holy Grail) face primer is by Modelco 'Face base' primer. I thought Smashbox Photofinish primer was my HG primer until I found this. Not only is Modelco primer better for your wallet, but it also has similar ingredients to the smashbox photofinish primer. They both contain vitamins C & E. I also love how it is in a clear tube (sort of like a lipgloss tube but bigger), so you can see how much product you are using. You only need a pea size amount and it will spread all over your face. It also makes a good lip primer before lipstick/lipgloss and an excellent eyeshadow primer.

The first time I used it I was so amazed. It definitely made my makeup go on much easier, smoother and my makeup stayed on right until I washed it off that night. My skin felt silky smooth, just like a baby's bottom.

I love how you can still achieve a flawless look by using this alone with just a light dusting of powder to eliminate shine.

And I love how I can wear my MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation without feeling oily and greasy like I normally do when I wear it alone over moisturiser or when I use the MAC prep + Prime foundation primer. Modelco primer definitely made the foundation stay on perfectly and also made my pores invisible. I love it!

Oh and before I forget, when you do apply the primer, you need to wait for a minute or so for the primer to dry completely before you apply foundation otherwise if might give you an unattractive flakey look. Trust me, the minute wait is worth it for beautiful skin!

I will definitely be repurchasing again if I do run out.

And now for some random photos :)

My blinged up iphone case :D I love it but it's chipped down the bottom :(

And that's all for today. :)

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  1. If only I had known NYX lipsticks before MAC but luckily I hadn't gone out my way and bought too many MAC anyway so now I'm loving NYX even more! hahaha... don't you just love these lipsticks?! I have only a few: Thalia, Orange Soda, Frappucino, Fig... and planning to get more! =)

    That ModelCo primer, oh now I want one... I tested out the green primer and it's surprisingly quite good too!! I might have to pick one up soon to achieve the flawless complexion you're talking about =)

    Just came across your blog while searching for reviews on ModelCo primer hehehe
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