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Monday, August 23, 2010

MAC lippie in 'Saint Germain'

Hi guys,

I'm so lazy!! Instead of studying, I am blogging. I went through my photos on my computer and noticed the photos I took of one of my fave pink lipsticks by MAC in 'Saint Germain' in an amplified finish.

This is another popular lip colour which is always sold out at MAC stores in Melbourne. This colour is some what similar to MAC lipstick in 'Snob', but brighter as it doesn't have the blue/cool undertones.

Just one layer of this lipstick is enough to make your lips look bold! It is a very bright pastel pink colour and very barbie-like. You may have seen me using this lip colour in my previous posts.

What I tend to do is apply this lip colour on my bottom lip and purse my lips together to spread the colour to my upper lip. If it looks too pink, I blot my lips with a tissue. This also makes your lip colour stay on for longer especially if you apply another layer of lipstick.

I use this lipstick to brighten my lips up a little when I look too 'natural.' If you want something more out there, then you can just apply the lipstick as per normal. It looks beautiful on tanned skin ladies as the lipstick literally glows due to the contrast.

Now here are some photos :)

The box. For some reason the quality looks a lot better here because I only reduced the size, but when I add text on the photo in paint, the quality diminishes like the following photos you will see.

What the lipstick looks like on. This is only one layer. The quality of the photo looks horrible compare to the first photo because of paint! :(

Thanks for reading! Now I shall get back to studying. xoxo


  1. I can't pull this color off at all. It looks real nice on you!

  2. Thanks kristie. this colour will suit you if you really blot it :)