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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ASOS Haul ft Too faced lip insurance

Hey everyone,

I realised there is actually a pattern here. I was going to type: "I know it's been a while since I've last posted..." and then I just thought I wrote that for nearly all my blog posts so I decided not to include that.

I'm so happy! :) My dad gave me my huge huge ASOS package today which I finally received after much waiting.

Because I bought so much from ASOS, I am unable to post any photos of what I bought, however: I will be doing a video haul and posting it on youtube soon for your viewing pleasure.

But first, in my purchase from ASOS, I got the Too faced Lip insurance. :D

It is rated 3.7/5 on Makeupalley :)

Too faced Lip Insurance

It is described on the box as:

"Your full-coverage insurance policy against fading, messy and lifeless lip color. Lipsticks and lip glosses bond to lip insurance to lock down and intensify color for longer lasting wearability. Lip insurance's weightless formula creates a creamy yet velvety finish that smoothes over lip lines to perfectly prep lips for lipstick and gloss. A powerful dose of anti-aging ceramides and peptides increase lip fullness and help restore natural collagen."

Anyway, so here are some photos. I'll update this post later tonight on my verdict of TFLI (Too faced lip insurance) as I will testing it after this post.

Oh the excitement!! :) I crossed out my name and address just for privacy reasons :)

And another big box.

TFLI - how pretty is the box :)

It comes in a lipgloss packaging. Very cute :)

And if you can see the semi transparent substance on my hand. That's what it looks like.

After I rubbed TFLI in, it was very smooth and has a velvety kind of feel. Sort of feels like the Too faced eyeshadow insurance, but this was way more soft since it's designed for lips.

So I will edit this post tonight and let you know my verdict :)

Thanks for reading guys.

PS: Look out for my ASOS haul video soon. I'll be making more videos from now on. xx


So after wearing my TFLI primer with NYX round lipstick in 'strawberry milk', I found that the primer actually does make a significant difference. As you know, NYX round lipsticks don't really last that long in comparison to MAC lipsticks, however, with the primer on, I found that the lipstick lasted a lot longer.

Just a tip on making your NYX round lipstick last longer: Powder lips. Apply to upper and lower lip evenly, and blot. Repeat this once again.

Anyway here are some photos to back up my review.

Nude lips with TFLI applied

Applied NYX round lipstick in strawberry milk on top

After 5 hours, the lipstick has faded a bit, but its still there.

Sorry about the bad quality photos! I need a new camera! :D


  1. Oh my gosh, I love your Too Faced lip gloss!!!

  2. Thank you :) it's an awesome primer and really makes the difference. Yay! :D