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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Random make up/beauty survey

Hey guys,

It's been too long! This is just a beauty/make up survey I found online somewhere, so I decided to fill it out to update my blog. So here it is. :D Feel free to fill out this survey too, just for fun.

1. What time did you do your makeup today?
When I woke up, about 12PM today :)

2. What's the least expensive beauty item you used?
NYX round lipsticks. They're inexpensive but are awesome make up products :)

3. What was the biggest problem you needed to correct?
My blush application. Sometimes I just rush my make up and realise that I may have used too much blush on one side of my face than on my other side. Easily corrected though. Just brush off excess blush with a powder brush.

4. Did you apply false eyelashes?
Yes! I do mostly all the time since I really am not a big fan of washing off mascara. With lashes, I can just peel them and wipe my eye make up as per normal.

5. Did you do anything while applying makeup?
Listening to music in the background haha!

6. Biggest makeup mishap today?
None at all today. I just did my make up like I would for everyday wear. Very simple, basic and neutral.

7. Did you have a makeup inspiration in mind?

8. What's the most time-consuming part of your makeup routine?
My eyes, since I gotta apply eyeshadow, eyeliner (top and bottom) and false lashes.

9. What part of your routine is the most fun?
The finish look. :)

10. What part of your makeup makes the biggest difference in the way you look?
my foundation..I have large pores and acne scares..I am quite insecure about these things
Most definitely my eyes since I spend more time on my eyes than on any other areas of my face. The lashes definitely make a big difference since it opens up my eyes more, but other than that, I don't think I look that different without make up on my eyes. (Everyday neutral look)

11. Neutral or colorful eyeshadows?
Neutral everyday except for weekends, I might just jazz it up with some sparkles :D

12. Liquid or mineral foundation?
Both! I prefer mineral foundation for everyday wear since it's healthier for my skin and liquid just on days where I'm going out.

13. Do you do your hair or makeup first?
I always do my make up first and then my hair. Normally I don't pay that much attention to my hair. I normally just tie it up and done. Sometimes I straighten it.

14. Did you pack a makeup bag to take with you for the day?
No, since I hate carrying so many things in my bag. I really should though.

15. When did you finish your makeup?
In 15 minutes or less. It doesn't take me that long to do an everyday look.

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