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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Contest update + MAC haul + NARS laguna bronzer + fail christmas shopping

Hi ladies,

Thanks for all your lovely comments and for joining the contest. Unfortunately, some readers did not follow the rules, so if they are chosen as a winner on, they will be disqualified and I will have to chose another winner again through until the winner is qualified (has followed all rules, etc). The contest ends now and I will be posting up the winner in the next blog entry.

Once again, I wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas.

And now for my shopping haul from Myer. Yay! A lot of the products I bought are from MAC but I also bought a Nars bronzer in Laguna. All I can say is… Wow… ‘OMG! Best bronzer I have ever used. I wish I bought it earlier ha ha…’ I will post a review about Nars Laguna soon. It’s bloody expensive though  $72 AUD, otherwise I would of bought Nars albatross, which is a highlighter. I love highlighters… I’ve got so many!! My oh my… but they really do make a big difference to one’s complexion—in a good way of course!

What I bought from MAC:

MAC lipstick in Lovelorn
MAC lipstick in blanket
MAC MSF in medium
MAC Studiosculpt foundation in NC30

I have MAC studiosculpt foundation in NC35, but I’ve noticed that it is a little bit too dark for me, so NC30 is the perfect shade for me.

I also had my hair extensions done last week and did more shopping at Bardot and Inglot. Gee, I’ve spent so much on myself when I’m really supposed to be spending money on presents for loved ones.

Yesterday, I went to Politix and bought some awesome shirts for my loved ones.  So that’s a start. More Christmas shopping tomorrow. I need to buy lots of Christmas cards and Christmas wrapping so the presents I bought will look more special. Ahh… I still need to buy my KK present. At my family Christmas party, we always have KK (Kris kringle) between the cousins. This time, things are a lot harder. There are so many rules… eeek!

Rule #1: Must be unisex present
Rule #2: No recycled present, must put some thoughts into it. (Duhhh… I never recycle my presents)
Rule # 3: Minimum spend is $15 and up
Rule #4: Must be nicely wrapped and include a personal card.

So many rules right?

Wish me luck for my present shopping tomorrow and hopefully I won’t spend any more money on myself!

Here are some photos

My mini haul

MAC lipstick swatches

MAC lipstick swatches on zee lips ;)

Nars laguna swatch (top), and MAC MSF Natural Medium swatch (bottom)

This is really random, but hey guess what? I'm on the MuT home page with my leopard print look along with other gorgeous MuT members :) Yay

Thanks for reading <3

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  1. Lovelorn is SOOO pretty! : O

    And good luck on the 'contest' ; D