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Sunday, December 5, 2010

MAC Cream Colour Base in Luna review + MAC 188 brush for my birthday present + Update

Hi guys,

My birthday was last month and this is such an overdue post. My brother bought me MAC cream colour base in 'Luna' and a MAC 188 brush from Myer. I absolutely adore the 187 brush which I also have at home, so I decided I also wanted a smaller version of the 187 so I can use it on smaller areas on my face such as nose, near the eyes, etc.

So here's my review on MAC Cream Colour Base in 'Luna.'

Don't let the strong white colour scare you away. This awesome multipurpose CCB makes an excellent highlighter and goes on sheer with a slight pearly sheen. No harsh glitters or sparkles in this. Just a nice and natural sheen. It is a frost finish. Perfect for a red carpet look paired with a nice blush. This product will bring out any features you wish to highlight, be it your cheeks, brow bones, cupid's bow, bridge of nose, etc. You can use this with a small brush or use your fingers. You can apply this cream base on any foundation you use, whether its powder, liquid or cream foundation. This is now my HG highlighter.

The only cons I have about this product is it get's dirty easily. (foundation marks.) But you can definitely use a spatula to scoop out the product and apply where ever you need a highlight.

I will give this a 4.5/5!

Now for some photos :)

MAC 188 Brush and MAC CCB in Luna

This is what it looks like when you first open it. A very stark white colour. It does have a pearly white sheen to it, but my camera sucks and didn't capture it. :(

Swatch with flash

Swatch without flash

Thanks for reading and hope you all had a sensational weekend. :)


  1. i love highlighters and what you can do to them except i cant wear it or else it will excentuate my acne/huge pores ugh!! lol. your brother is so sweet for buying you that :) happy belated :)!

  2. That's nice of your brother! 188 is good for stippling and is a definitely a baby version of 187. I didn't even know MAC had this color CCB either. Thanks for the picture and swatches.

  3. Donna - You have flawless skin. What are you talking about? Haha but I know what you mean. Cream blushes sometimes do that to me too. Thanks for the birthday wish :)

    Kristie - Yeah it's so nice of him and unexpected. We normally don't get along that well haha! But he works at Myer (department store) and he gets 15% off everything at Myer including make up so he did get a bit of a discount :D Luna is definitely worth checking out. It's so natural and beautiful and very very versatile.

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  5. This looks great! To be honest I wouldnt have looked twice at this due to the incredibly stark white shade but it looks lovelyn the swatch pic! I guess I should give things a try before just completely dismissing them ♥

  6. I need to haul it into MAC and pick up some products. Thanks for the review :)