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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Leopard print make up look + update

Hey guys

Things have been a bit full on for me lately. Things are not going my way and I'm having the worst luck in my life with everything. Sometimes I just want to give up on everything and just sleep forever. Sleeping for me is the best because it's so much more better than reality, but lately, I have not been able to sleep much. I've been sleeping late and early for me now would be 2AM. :(

My only source of comfort is food that makes me happy which happens to be junk food, and make up.

I'm trying to deal with the pain I feel at the moment by doing things I love which is make up. I'm going to try and go to gym regularly too since it's been said that working out releases feel good hormones endorphins.

Sad talk aside, let's get on with it. Here is a leopard print look I've created just for fun. I actually love LOVE LOVE love leopard print! It shows in most of my clothes too and thought why not create a leopard print make up look? I've done it before at Make up school but thought I'll recreate one again on myself. If one can do leopard print nails, the same can be said about make up.

There are a variety of ways to create a leopard print look. You can use different colours, different eyeshadow techniques, and place leopard print spots anywhere you like. A good example will be around near the eyes extending to the temples or you can place them on your cheek.

This is just my take on the leoprint look using yellow and green which I don't use very often. :D Haha, so there you go.

Please note that when I took the photos, my eyes started watering from my contact lenses and that screwed up my make up a bit. :(


  1. oOOo i love it. the pop of green was so unexpected!

  2. hey Tiffany♡ you left me such a sweet cm :) thanks for the compliments on my drawing! i would love to see some of urs too :D anyway this leopard look is great! id love to try it for a dress up night! x

  3. I feel like I've seen this leopard print eyeshadow look somewhere before (perhaps a halloween look ?) ~ in any case, I quite like it ! Looks great with your matching top ! ;-D

  4. Donna - Thanks gorgeous xoxo

    Heartofpearl - thanks for dropping by. I agree, the leopard print will definitely look good on you :P - Hi thanks for dropping by! yeah there are a variety of leopard inspired eyeshadow looks around. I remember I was first inspired by doing it on my nails and then came across a photo from MAC that did it too, I think. But they did it with the actual leopard colours.

  5. This is so much fun! You look gorgeous!