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Friday, December 10, 2010

Tiffany's review on the Urban Decay Naked Palette UD

Hi beautiful people :)

I'm back with another update yet again. I'm on a roll woop woop! LOL :) Do you remember reading my previous posts about me wanting the UD Naked Palette? If you do, you will know that it's one of the items I want on my Christmas wishlist. It's sold out everywhere. :( I won the bid on eBay and paid for it the very same day, and finally got my hands on this bad boy today. I'm soooo ecstatic that I received the palette and can do a review for you girls who want this palette.

As you all know, I love neutral colours and I always seem to stick with brown eyeshadows, black eyeshadows, golds, etc. I rarely do colourful as they are a bit too much for everyday wear, so this naked palette seems perfect for me and for a lot of other girls too. It is highly raved about by many beauty blogettes, youtube gurus, etc. Not to mention, it is rated a 4.7/5 on make up alley.

This is such a great palette. It has all the colours in the palette that I'll actually use. The colour pay off is wonderful and it comes with a black and brown eyeliner in one. It is supposed to last 24/7 and also comes with a mini UD primer potion which is wonderful. To be honest, the eyeshadows in the UD palette is already pigmented enough and there is really no need for the primer. I've done some swatches with and without the primer potion on the eyeshadows and they pretty much look the same. Well worth your money as this palette contains all the best sellers eyeshadow, eyeliners and a primer potion.

Maybe if you're going out all night and prefer not to touch up too much, then the UD primer potion will be good.

The packaging is absolutely gorgeous. It is aesthetically appealing to the eyes. The only cons I have about this palette is that it's made from a velcro (sp?) material so it can get a bit dirty if you plan to put it in your make up bag. Yes, loose foundations can get stuck on the palette if you're not careful. Also because I was so excited to try to palette when I first got it, I played around with all the colours and there is a lot of fall out when using this palette. So it's best to do your eye make up first and then foundation afterwards if you don't want any fall out on your freshly foundationed face.

Overall, I'll rate this palette a 4.5/5.

Now for some photos of my prized possession :)

What it looks like when I first got it

This is the back

Taken out of the plastic box

Beautiful eyeshadows

Swatch of the eyeshadows with flash and no primer potion

Without flash and no primer potion

With flash and primer potion

PS: My camera quality is not the best so didn't really capture the beauty of these eyeshadows. For a more detailed review, check out Kristie's blog. She has an awesome review and even better swatches than I do.

Thanks for reading. <3


  1. I have this palette too and I love it! You can create so many beautiful neutral looks!

  2. Yay you got it :) Great review, Tiffany! Thanks so much for the shout out. It's definitely a versatile palette for neutral lovers but like you said, the fallout does require some work. Enjoy!!

  3. can't wait to buy the naked palette :) i love nude colours^^ it's really wearable.
    drey jewelry.

  4. I wish I could get it : / as a tiny band-aid for my broken heart, I got the Champagne & Caviar palette from NYX.. so yeah.. : / definitely not the same but still..

    And seriously. At a LAW firm even? You'd think they knew the rules for that. lol. xD