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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

OPI Nail polish Mod about you + MUAC Pumpkin Facial Masque

Hi lovelies :)

Hope you're all doing well! :)

Just a quick update with my favourite OPI nail polish atm in the colour 'Mod about you.' It is from the OPI Brights collection. RRP $19.95AUD. This is a beautiful opaque baby pink colour. It is a cool toned baby pink.

I did not use a base coat or top coat to apply the nail polish.

And finally got my ordered package from MUAC.

Look how beautifully packaged it is. Everything was in a mini leopard print bag, yup! My favourite pattern of all time. :) Thanks MUAC.

This was in the bag, my TCA peel. I will try it when my skin is not so sensitive! First, I gotta do a patch test. It also comes with a brochure with clear instructions on it.

This was also in the bag-- I ordered my Pumpkin mask, micropolish and various other creams and sample size products.

All the products I ordered.

And the pumpkin mask.

As you can see, it is the same type of orange colour found on pumpkins. It smells a bit like cinnamon and has a grainy texture. I was so excited to try on this mask, that I did it as soon as I received my package.

I applied the mask in a thin layer on my cleansed face. I felt a warm and tingly sensation, it wasn't too bad. It was a comfortable kind of sensation and I could definitely feel the mask doing it's job. I rinsed my face in cool water and pat my skin dry. I then applied some moisturiser to soothe my skin.

My skin feels very clean and polished. Overall, this mask works great and I will use it once a week for optimal results. Yay!

Just some of the benefits of Pumpkin taken from MUAC website:

The Benefits of Pumpkin Skin Care:
--Pumpkin contains more than 100 beneficial nutrients, which help to reverse the signs of aging
--Pumpkin contains high levels of Vitamins A and C
--Pumpkin's natural vitamin a levels are mild retinoids
--Pumpkin contains minerals like zinc, the powerhouse antioxidant beta-carotene, and cancer
fighting carotenoids like lutein and zeaxanthin.
--Pumpkin fights free radical damage, a causal factor in aging
--Pumpkin contains B vitamins, niacin, riboflavin, salicylic acid, lactic and ascorbic acid
--Pumpkin's natural properties stimulate skin circulation
--Pumpkin promotes skin healing, and restores skin's elasticity
--Pumpkin provides nourishment for sun-damaged, weathered and aging skin
--Pumpkin provides a youthful glow to dull skin
--Perfect any time of year, but particularly during dry, colder months
--Good for all skin types and skin tones, except for extremely sensitive skin

And just a random photo of my after a night out :)

Disclaimer: I was not paid or compensated in any way for writing this review. I am not affiliated with MUAC. I bought these products with my own money and am writing an honest review about it to share with my lovely blog readers.

Thanks for reading <3 Love you all and hope everyone has a FANTASTIC Christmas. xoxo

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  1. i love that nail color from OPI, think i'm gonna get that color for my next manicure, thanks for sharing!!
    love your blog, just followed you : )