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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Update - Classic french nails, free hand :)

Hi dolls,

Oh my goodness!!!

I cannot believe how long I've neglected my blog for. I've been MIA due to being busy with work and school, etc. In these past couple of months, I bought so many great products that I'll definitely do a review on soon enough. ;)

Just been speaking to my friend Alice who said she enjoyed reading my blog and is after an update, so here is a quick and brief update.

French nails are sexy, classy and elegant. It makes your hands look younger and brighter. True story :) French nails are perfect for every nail shapes and types. They can make short nails look longer. Take my word for it.

I'm still studying my Diploma of beauty therapy course, and we're currently doing manicure and pedicures at school. I absolutely enjoy doing nails, from shaping, buffing, pushing cuticles, painting nails, etc. I get every Wednesday to practice my french nails on class mates. :) Yay!

So here are some photos from Wednesday's nail classes.

Amy's nails done by me. I did her french tips free hand. She has short nails.

These are my nails done by Amy. I shaped and buffed my own nails myself after getting rid of my acrylic nails. My nails are very brittle at the moment, so instead of using base coat first, I used a nail strengthener and then a base coat on top.

My mini collection of OPI nail polishes which I bring with me to school since theschool has crappy nail polishes. =/

I am in love with OPI and am gonna start collection of OPI polishes. I have my eyes on the Pirates of Caribbean collection :D

I will be updating my blog more regularly and will show you a fun and easy DIY fool proof french nails which you can you yourself and the best part? It doesn't matter if you're left handed or right handed. ;) So stay tuned!

Love you all xoxo

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