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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Acrylic refills with my gorgeous friend

Hi everyone <3

Just a quick update from my iPad 2. Went out to run a few errands in the city today, including picking up my lovely coloured contact lens from Mystikaleyez Shopp and catching up with my gorgeous friend Rachel to get our nails done.

Three weeks ago we went to get French tips acrylic nails and since then it has grown out and looked quite ugly so we decided to get refills today.

It turned out quite nice and it was my first time ever getting refills. Normally I just take them off and get them redone again. Haha I'm pleasantly surprised.

After getting our nails done, Rachel went back to class and I went to grab myself a quick sushi lunch. Yum! I planned to go to gym today as well but wasn't able to due to my legs feeling sore. I went to gym yesterday for 20 minutes and was approached by a new girl who offered me a free personal training session. I said yes without thinking and boy was that a huge mistake. 20 minutes of non stop squats, lunges and push ups till I nearly passed out with no breaks. :( and the thing is because she's new, I decided to sign up with her (paid) and will be back next week so hopefully my legs will feel fine by then. :)

I've also been doing a lot of online shopping lately, resulting in pissed off parents who have been telling me off. Received 5 packages yesterday and one today. Expecting two more tomorrow and a few more this week. :)

Well I will be posting my reviews soon of the beauty blenders and my Nars haul soon most likely tomorrow. I do apologise for the delay, I misplaced my USB SD card reader and therefore could not upload photos.

Anyway it's my first time blogging on the blogger app. It's quite easy surprisingly.

Below are two photos taken from my iPad 2.

First photo is taken at the nail salon whilst waiting for my nails to cure under the UV lamp.

Second photo is taken at home after my refills were done. I like them :)

Thanks for reading xx

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