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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Make up order + OCC Lip tars + Z Palettes + More

So a few days ago, I made a huge order on Makeup and Glow. 

I ordered large zebra print Z palettes, dark duo eyelash glue (because I ran out), some OCC lip tars, Yaby eyeshadow refills and Makeup & Glow's own brand of Eyeshadows/Blushes, Beauty So Clean and the Beauty Blender Cleanser (also because I ran out.)

I am so happy with my order as it came beautifully wrapped and packaged as always in pink tissue paper. 

I bought 7 OCC liptars in: Grandma, Cha Cha, Pageant, Tarred, Clear, Narcissus and Harlot.

I bought 5 Makeup & Glow eyeshadows in Snow White, Coca, Coral, Bubble Gum and Metallic Star Dust.

So let’s talk about the lip tars first. In general, the lip tars are absolutely amazing in terms of longevity of wear, ease of application, an array of colour choices, highly pigmented, vegan and animal cruelty free, and overall great quality. A little goes a long way even if it may appear small (8mls, 0.27 FL OZ), you only need less than a pea size amount to cover your lips. Plus the nice pepper mint smell is a bonus.

The only things I can fault on the OCC lip tars are the packaging. It tends to leak (self-dispensing) and if you are not carefully and squeeze a lot out, then you’ll just be wasting a lot of product. I had some in my makeup kit and it leaked onto my other lipsticks even though the lid is screwed on pretty securely. Now I just put them in a clear package in case they leak. Also, you must shake well before you use the lip tars. I got ‘Tarred’ (black – used for mixing), and for some reason, no matter how vigorously I shook it, it came out really oily. I had to squeeze a ¼ of the tube to get rid of the oiliness, and even then, it still came out pretty oily. (You can see it in the swatches that it came out pretty oily and runny.) I think it’s just this one that has that problem though because my friend’s ‘Tarred’ seems to be fine. Also I would not recommend OCC Lip tars for extremely dry and cracked lips. If you have dry lips, please exfoliate beforehand and prime with a lip conditioner prior to application.

But despite the cons, the pros definitely do outweigh the cons. It’s affordable, extremely pigmented, vegan, great range of colours and you can always mix colours together to get even more range of colours, etc. 

So here’s a little run down on the colours I got:

  • Grandma is described as a “clean classic coral.”
  • Cha Cha is described as a “pinked cantaloupe.”
  • Pageant is described as a “beauty queen fuschia.”
  • Tarred is described as a “true black and a mixing must.”
  • Clear is used to “mix or sheer other lip tars.”
  • Narcissus is described as “a creamy lavender toned pink.”
  • Harlot is described as a “fiery coral red.”
My order from Makeup & Glow
OCC Lip Tars from Left to Right - Harlot, Grandma, Cha Cha, Clear, Pageant, Narcissus and Tarred.

Swatches taken with flash - From left to right - Harlot, Grandma, Cha Cha, Clear, Pageant, Narcissus, Tarred.

OCC Lip Tar swatch taken without flash - From left to right - Harlot, Grandma, Cha Cha, Clear, Pageant, Narcissus, Tarred.

Z Palette filled with Makeup & Glow Eyeshadows, Yaby refills and Inglot refills.
What the Z Palette looks like closed.

Taken without flash : From left to right - Make up & Glow Bubble Gum, Coral, Cocoa, Snow White & Metallic Star Dust.
Taken with Flash: From left to right - Make up & Glow Bubble Gum, Coral, Cocoa, Snow White & Metallic Star Dust.

The Z Palette is fantastic. It comes with magnets with stickers so when you depot your blushes/eyeshadows, etc, you can simply just stick on the magnet and attach to the Z Palette. Plus it has a clear covering so you can see all your blushes, eyeshadows, etc.

Hope you all enjoy my review.


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