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Sunday, March 4, 2012

OPI Pink Shatter Polish

OPI Pink Shatter Polish

I've had the OPI Pink Shatter Polish for a while when it first came out. Hooray for breast cancer awareness. :) I also have the black and silver versions and so far, my favourite shatter is the pink one. The formula is a little sheer but it compliments light coloured nail polishes such as OPI Alpine Snow and OPI Mod About You (as I'm wearing in the photo below) very well.

When using shatter polishes, it is always essential to apply a top coat. Without top coat, it makes your nails look dull.

Out of all the OPI shatter polished that I own (silver and black), the pink one shatters the best if that makes sense. The formula is not as dense as the black and applies smoothly with an even shattered effect.

The only bad thing I have to say about the pink shatter is it does not go well on dark coloured polishes such as red or black. When applied on a black base, you can't even tell that the shatter is pink. It just doesn't look good. If OPI can make another pink shatter polish that will show up on dark colours as well as light, then I'd definitely buy it.

Overall, I would rate the OPI Pink Shatter a 4/5 as the formula is nice, pink for breast cancer awareness, compliments light coloured polishes very well and when applied with a top coat, my polish did not chip for almost two week. I'd give it a 5/5 if it shows up on dark polishes.

OPI Mod About You, OPI Pink Shatter, OPI Top Coat
OPI Mod About You with Pink shatter on top
Thanks for reading. :)

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