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Monday, September 9, 2013

It's All About Make Up Eyeliner Brush MAC 210 DUPE Review

Hi dolls,

I'm back with another update on one of my favourite eyeliner brushes. I always wear eyeliner, so having a good quality eyeliner brush is essential to appease my daily make up routine. Below is a collage of the many ways eyeliner can be worn. You can have fun with it. :)

I was given this brush to try out by my lovely boss, Danni from IAAMU last Wednesday and had plenty of time to test it out. I tested it out on myself as well as my gorgeous model, Belle, on Thursday.

I own a MAC 209 and 210 eyeliner brush so I am able to offer my comparison to IAAMU eyeliner brush.

IAAMU eyeliner brush is quite similar to the MAC 210 eyeliner brush. They both have extremely fine and tightly packed bristles, almost like an ultra thin pen tip. They both have room for movement, however, they are fairly firm and stiff which is advantageous for precise eyeliner application. The tip gives you the right amount of control you have over your application. 

I find that with some eyeliner brushes, it can be quite difficult to maneuver your line as close to the lash line as possible, but not with IAAMU eyeliner brush. I can use this brush quite effortlessly with no 'skipping' issues. 

I love how I can use both liquid and gel liners with this brush and the line will look the same with every application.

So my conclusion is; IAAMU eyeliner brush is a dupe for the MAC 210 eyeliner brush. At a fraction of the cost too as IAAMU brush retails for $15 and MAC 210 brush retails for $37. IAAMU eyeliner brush is a good solid brush, and a must have for every girl who uses eyeliner. 

You can purchase the brush in store or online at It's All About Make Up.

This is the result of using liquid liner on my gorgeous model, Belle on Thursday using IAAMU fine liner brush.

Look how precise the line is? It was so easy too!

Model - Belle
Hairstylist - Emre
Make up artist - Tiffany (myself)
Photographer - Jiajia

Love and light

Tiffany xxx

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