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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Busy week with work + make up comp + photoshoot

Hi dolls :D

Back with an update. And this will be a prodigious blog update! I will be summing up one week in one blog post. :) Wish me luck hehe!

It's been an immensely busy week for me. Not complaining about it, I love being busy. It keeps me on my toes and gives me the best night's sleep every night. :)


So I started the week catching up with my friend for brunch and high tea. After a stressful period with a lot of dramas, I wanted nothing more than to surround myself with positive people. 

We went to Seven Seeds for brunch. This is my favorite brunch place. Their OJ is always fresh made and they always serve palatable brunch. After brunch, my friend and I had a few errands to run. I had a colour competition on the next day and almost forgot about it due to aforementioned stressful dramas the week prior to last week. 

After an hour of running errands, we decided to make our way to Hopetoun and tranquilize ourselves with tea and sweet treats. We both ordered scones! Yum!

Poached eggs with mushrooms, cauliflower puree on sourdough bread

Scones with cream and jam


Tuesday was the day of the Colour Your Life Competition. I am so grateful to have my beautiful friend to be my model for this competition. We met up at my school at 10.30AM roughly and pretty much got started right away with hair. Jess was so sweet, she brought me coconut water, a very delicious raw bar with chocolate and coconut and blueberry reserve. I did not have time for breakfast so the snacks Jess bought for me really helped kept me energised the whole day. Thank youuu, Jess :) I love how we are both major health freaks.

For hair, I went with a messy braid all around the hair line, and then with the rest of the hair, I choose random sections and made them into roses. I then chalked the braid with yellow and orange hair chalk I bought from Hairhouse Warehouse on Monday. It was my first time creating this hairstyle, but I must say, it turned out resplendently.

Then I moved onto make up which was way more fun than hair. :) I used a variety of colours appropriate to the theme of the competition. I also did the make up for Shirley's model, Taylah and went with a pretty rainbow on the side and bright coloured smokey eyes.

Around 2PM, it was time judging. All the models were seated and ready to be scruntised by our panel of judges at school. Shirley came first place for hair. Congratulations to her :) And I came first place for make up. Yay! Congratulations to us!

After that, we headed over to RMIT to meet up with JJ, my amazing photographer. We took some amazing photos! I really can't wait to receive them and share them all with you. :)

The hair :)
The make up :)
The make up
Taylah and Jess
Taylah and Jess waiting at the hot seats ;)
Make up I did for Taylah
Behind the scenes with Jess and JJ


On Wednesday, I had work at It's All About Make Up. It's always fun coming to 'work' and being surrounded by like minded people and beautiful make up. It was a little bit quiet during the day, then in the late afternoon, I taught a make up lesson to a MUA wanting to improve her techniques and update her skills. She brought a model in with her for us to work on.

We have a new range of IAAMU make up brushes at work. The brushes are amazing! The quality of the brushes are comparable to the MAC brushes I have at home. Danni, my boss gave me a free eyeliner brush to take home to use. The eyeliner brush is so fine, and the bristles are tightly packed together, making it more dense and therefore suitable for precise liner application. I am in love! Will write up another blog post on this brush alone. :)

It was heaps of fun sharing my tips to others as I often do during my make overs on clients, except, this lesson was way more detailed. We focused on eyeshadow techniques, eyeliner technique, lash application, achieving a flawless base perfect for HD cameras, contouring and highlighting, etc.

It's hard to believe you can learn so much in an hour and a half, but she was really happy and walked away with an abundance of knowledge. 


On Thursday, I woke up pretty early to get ready for an exciting Photoshoot. We were shooting Joseph Jang's amazing range of clothing. 

We prepped hair and make up at South Wharf on our beautiful model, Belle. Emre worked on their first and I applied make up last. It was so much fun meeting the rest of the team. Everyone was so nice and friendly. In particular, I got along with Emre really well because we are both passionate about hair and make up. Not to mention, Emre is super talented at hair. I was very inspired by him. :)

After hair and make up, we went outside the carpark to shoot. JJ was the photographer. From what I can see on her camera, the photos looked phenomenal. 

The weather was unkind to us on this particular day. :( It was showering relentlessly. Lucky the make up and hair was not ruined in any way. :)

I won't be sharing the photos on here as we are planning to submit the photos for publication. I will, however, share some behind the scenes photos taken on the day. :)


On Friday, I worked at IAAMU. It was quite busy due to formal night. The atmosphere was amazing. Everyone was upbeat and excited about the formal happening that night. We talked about make up, hair, dresses, heels, etc. 

I had a few clients who have never had their make up done before. They were a tad nervous, but also super excited to get their make up done. Suffice to say, every formal girl walked out happy and looking beautiful.

One particular client was a bit concerned about eyeshadow not showing up on her eyes as her eyes were hooded. I reassured her that eyeshadow can still show up and look amazing on hooded eyes. You just have to take the colour higher than the crease. Doesn't she look amazing? She was stoked by how beautiful the result was.

This is why I love being a MUA. I feel a great sense of satisfaction enhancing my client's beauty and seeing them happy.

My gorgeous client rocking a bright lip colour and bronze eyes


Saturday was by far the busiest day of the week for me. I woke up around 7AM to get ready to vote and then head off to work. Surprisingly, the huge line moved quickly. Mummy and I finished voting in 25 minutes. Not bad at all. I anticipated a much longer wait time.

After voting, I went to gym and then off to work I go. It was another busy busy day. Back to back with clients for a formal as well as our usual special events clients. :)

Although there was no time for a lunch break, surprisingly, I had to much energy. There was so many beautiful make up happening that day. As usual, Anna and Danni did a phenomenal job on make up. All our clients looked stunning. :)

As it was super busy, I only had time to take photos of some of my clients. I shall share with you and let the photos do the talking. :)

I used MODELROCK lashes on all my clients. Above I used Modelrock lashes in #244 cut in half for a more natural look and below with the glitter smokey eyes, I used Modelrock #241 lashes. 

I absolutely adore Modelrock lashes. They are so natural and always look so amazing on. We stock them at It's about Make Up. They are normally $13 a pair, but if you buy 10 pairs, you can get them for $6.50 each pair.

After work, I met up with Sylvia and we had Thai food for dinner. :) Then we went to gym together. I didn't really feel like going out as I was drained from a long day of work.


Went to COSTCO with my brother and mamma bear. Stocked up on so much food and drinks. After Costco, I went to grab fish and chips locally. They serve the best fish and chips ever. :) I actually feel like I'm on the beach on a sunny day when I eat their fish and chips.

Then went to walk my babies... or rather, they walked me. They are always so so so excited when we take them out for a walk. 

And that pretty much sums up my week. :)

Love and light



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