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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Random Make up Looks created by yours truly, ME :)

My blog looks so empty! I can't stand the emptiness, so I thought I'd fill up the emptiness with photos I've accumulated in the past few months of make up looks that I created. Of course there's still heaps more, but I'll save that for a later post. :)

Click on photos to enlarge. Most of the make up I used below are MAC, Kryolan and Atelier.

My gorgeous make up model Kelly :)

Kelly again :)

Gorgeous Ashley :)

A recent photo shoot featuring model Angela. Photographed by Randy. Dressed by Maz. Assisted by Erin. And make up by me :)


Ahhh.... now my blog does not look so empty anymore. Will post more tomorrow :)


  1. Wow girl these photos are amazing!!! :)

    btw, I don't wear foundation.. I use sunscreen, mufe primer, then mufe HD powder. That's it :) thanks for visitingy blog :)

  2. Oh wow... I'm so impressed. :) so envious of your flawless skin :) im trying to cut down on using foundation. i want healthy skin again haha!

  3. u look so your purple lashes!!

  4. aww thanks summer darling :) your blog is awesome. i love your custom made jewelry and youre a pretty girl :)