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Monday, May 23, 2011

Nude by Nature

Hi gorgeous readers <3

I'm back with another update on Nude by Nature's range of mineral cosmetics.

So why Nude?

"We are faced with options everyday, from what to wear, what to eat and what to put on our face. It’s hard when we are splashed with images of flawless faces and beautiful complexions from the TV, magazines and billboards to know what to do to create this seemingly unattainable image. It’s difficult, trying to search through the thousands of products on offer to find something that will not only give us those magical results that we seek, but also something that is good for our skin.

Enter Nude by Nature. Australia’s No.1 mineral makeup brand. Taking the concept of minerals to the next level, we took out the bismuth, that can irritate sensitive skin and appear cakey on the skin, and left only the ingredients that help to create the perfect, flawless, airbrushed complexion, NATURALLY!

Having achieved amazing results with our 3 step cover, bronzer and veil system, Nude by Nature were not yet satisfied that they had finished creating the solution to every woman’s beauty needs. So enter the Airbrushed Mineral Primer, Virgin blush, Natural eye Palette trio, Pure Pout lip gloss and the Natural Waterproof Eye Definer. Now you can create a complete, natural, classic look using only 100% natural products and feel good about your skin.

When looking at makeup solutions, we’ve realised makeup only looks as good as the skin you put it on top of. So, enter Nude by Nature Skincare, a complete and comprehensive range of all natural skin solutions that prove once and for all that natural can also be effective! With cleanser, toner, scrub, moisturizer, oil free lotion, eye and face makeup remover and the revolutionary Nude oil that treats scars and stretch marks with cosmecuetical strength, Nude has everything you need to create the perfect natural complexion.

So you can see that Nude has only your best interests in mind when creating solutions for every person’s skin, and every woman’s dream makeup. We’re not finished yet with a full colour range of eye palettes coming soon and the recently released Nude by Night liquid foundations and concealers. Nude is now the most innovative and comprehensive natural range available." - Credits to the Nude by Nature website.


I've been a long time mineral make up user, since late 2006 and have been using mineral make up on and off. I started my mineral make up purchases from EM when they used to be good and have awesome kits. Now they've since changed their website, changed their ingredients and changed the packaging. I've bought some EM lately, but for reason, it's not as good as it used to be. So now I'm on the look out for better mineral make up. I thought I'd try Nude by Nature. I've been using Nude by Nature for a few months now and have mixed reviews about it.

I got the Virgin blush, Flawless liquid velvet and the Nude by Nature blush.

I also forgot to mention I bought the concealer, but the concealer was absolutely useless, that's why I didn't bother taking a photo of it and putting a review, but if you would like one, leave a comment to let me know.

So first of all, the blush was absolutely beautiful. It's a muted pink and coral coloured blush with a bit of shimmer to give you a really nice glow. It is so finely milled that when you actually apply it on your cheeks, there's no powdery residue. It goes on perfect, so just a light touch will give you the right amount of colour for light to medium skin tones. Build up more colour if you have darker skin. The brush goes really well with the blush. It has very soft bristles which feels really gentle against your skin.

Now onto the Nude by Nature Flawless Liquid Velvet. The reason why I purchased this is because I wanted to use mineral make up on my skin, however, because it is winter, my skin feels rather dry. I wanted a hydrating mineral make up and I thought why not a liquid mineral foundation? Free of bismuth! :) Yay!

I like the foundation a lot, it has a very fresh scent. In terms of coverage, it's light to medium and it's definitely not build-able. I find that you need to apply it on your skin as quick as you can, otherwise it kinds of dries up and doesn't blend that well. What I mean is that dries so quickly that the actual foundation actually rolls off your skin. I've tried it with my Smashbox photofinish primer. It has given me a slightly better result in terms of blending, but the foundation will still dry and roll off. So the best way to apply this foundation is with how ever many pumps you need to cover your face, (I use two pumps), and just evenly spread it on my skin using my finger tips. I've tried using a sponge, but it doesn't blend that well. In terms of coverage, I'm pretty satisfied. It doesn't cover up my under eye circles so concealer is needed, but it does a pretty good job with coverage. It feels very lightweight and feels just like moisturizer. Another great thing about this foundation and that there is really no need to set the foundation with powder. It's optional, but if you like the slightly dewy look, then there is no need to set it. It stills stays on your skin all day. Unless you have oily skin, you will need to set the foundation with a light dusting of your choice of powder. Overall performance of foundation will be a 3.5/5. If Nude by Nature can improve their formula, this will be the perfect foundation for everyday wear if you prefer liquid over powder. :)

And here are some swatches for your reference.

Taken with flash. The purple circle shows the foundation being blended onto my skin.

Taken without flash.

Have a read of the testimonials on the Nude by Nature website. The before and after photos are interesting. :)

Have you tried Nude by Nature before? If so, what do think of it? And if not, have you tried any mineral foundations before?

Lots of love,

Tiffany. xoxo


  1. I work in MYER and we sell this! I haven't personally tried it myself, but a lot of ladies come back for it! I wonder how it compares to Bare Escentuals, cause a lot of customers ask for it but we don't carry it in our store as it's only available in the city store.
    Great Review though! The concealer is horrible. The perps of working there, testers testers testers to play with when I'm bored! :D

  2. Hey Rin, wow that's awesome. You work at Myer :) Which department? Cosmetics? :) Well the ingredients in Nude by Nature are a lot more healthier than Bare Escentuals. I know a lot of girls who react badly to Bare Escentuals. Nude by Nature contains no talc or bismuth oxide. Yes the concealer was horrible! It doesn't blend properly and just ends up looking splotchy? Haha! I tried every possible way to apply it but too bad its no good :( You must have a lot of fun at work then :P Thanks for dropping by x

  3. Thanks for the quick review of the virgin blush, I just saw it mentioned on their FB page and was curious as to what it looked like and what shade it was. I definitely want to try this out! :)

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