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Monday, June 20, 2011

My review on Stylish 3D Nail Art Sticker Decal

Hi ladies,

Back with another update on my review of nail stickers.

I recently bought some nail stickers, because I remembered using them in the past and thought they looked awesome and I wanted awesome nails without spending a fortune on them, or spending too much time doing them myself.

Nail stickers are tiny images that stick to your nails giving you instant nail art.

You can instantly pimp up plain one nails, french polish or any nail design without having to take a long time to paint flowers, love hearts, butterflies, etc using a nail pen or nail striper. Just stick it on, apply a top coat and wham bam, thank you mam! ;)

I painted my nails last week and just stuck the stickers on now and applied a top coat.

Nail sticker with top coat. I used OPI Dulce Le Leche - a beautiful nude color. Please excuse the chip on my thumb, I painted my nails early last week. Photo taken with flash.

Taken without flash

My nail stickers <3
1. Paint your nails with a base coat. (I used OPI Base coat)
2. Paint a nail polish colour of your choice. (I used Dulce Le Leche)
3. After polish has dried, using clean tweezers, gently lift the nail sticker and apply to your nails. Gently pressed down sticker firmly so it will stick. Repeat to all nails.
4. Apply top coat. (I used OPI top coat)

Here's another photo of quick nail art. I used OPI base coat, OPI on Collins Ave, OPI top coat. Hope you like it :) It's a very quick paint job.

I also bought a pack of eyebrow shaper/trimmer/groomer. I received it today in the mail and tried it. Normally I just tweeze or wax my eyebrows thought I'll give this a try instead. I was inspired to buy this after this Asian lady ripped me off of my eyebrow wax. Instead of using eyebrow wax, she just used that tool to shaped my brows. I paid $10 for it. -_- And it was called an eyebrow waxing service. Oh well, I was happy with the results so I didn't complain.

I used it on myself today and my brows look so pretty and neat. It's so easy and fun to use. Just don't go crazy with it, because it can happen. :)


Next update, look out for my reviews on my morrocan hair oil, shampoo and hair treatment and my beauty blender review which I also used on a model for a photoshoot. :)

Stay tuned. xx

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  1. Your nails are absolutely beautiful! I can't seem to get mine to grow :( I loved your review on these stickers, I may actually pick some of these up once I can get my nails to grow ;)

    Following you! :3 <3